I studied International Relations and Political Science at the University of Florida, and graduated with my B.A. in 2011. After school, I lived in Central America for a year working as a dive assistant, making $3.50/hour as a waitress/bartender and working at a hotel; then tutoring children and volunteering at a local high school in my spare time. I moved home because being a single girl in a developing country can be dangerous, and now I work for a construction company in Central Florida. I’ve come to realize that construction is the epitome of economic development, and I appreciate the opportunities this industry has provided for me. But I still want to go back to school to study the political economy of development.

I have traveled to over 22 different countries. When I travel, I make it a point to seek out marginalized communities, whether that is low income housing in the U.S., Non-Government Organizations, or slums in lesser developed countries. I started this blog to reiterate my experiences witnessing severe poverty and interacting with the working poor, in other countries and in my own back yard. In my spare time I read reports and books about homelessness and poverty generally.

I do not mean to offend anyone with my descriptions, and I apologize in advance. I only intend to raise awareness, so that something can be done for the sake of future generations. I do not use the names of organizations that I describe, but please contact me if you would be interested in getting more information to support their efforts. (Honestly, I haven’t written anything too offensive yet, but wait until you read about what I’ve seen in Cambodia.) Sometimes, I use the term “third world country” even though it is politically incorrect. But I feel like I can get away with it because my family lives in a lesser developed country.