Snap Shot of a Third World Country

Snap Shot of a Third World Country

This morning, my dad and I traveled to the sketchy part of Belize City to get some of the BEST meat pies in the country. I had just rolled up my window after taking this picture – to juxtapose my normal shots of beautiful reefs and islands – when a man walked up to my car door. He yanked on the door handle and spun around after finding it locked, then ripped his shorts off before pacing by the car, naked and cursing. Two police officers watched from the shop door and shook their heads, knowing it would be too much hassle to reprimand the crazy man and that I wasn’t in any real danger. I just wanted to post this to raise awareness for the adversity that up-and-coming entrepreneurs must overcome in lesser developed countries like Belize. The rule of law is the only thing that makes it possible for business owners like Dario to sell their products and contribute to the economy, while law enforcement is tenuous at best. This is why we should be grateful to the people who risk their lives every day to make sure that things like this don’t happen in our countries. Meanwhile, police officers in Belize must pick their battles… By the way, the meat pies were worth it!


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